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January 31
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[FEMALE TEACHER NAME] sighed and left the room without a word, leaving you alone. The door closed quietly, as the teacher worried about you then headed to her duties.

You turned to the side and felt something pricking at your eyes.


You pushed yourself to restrain them from coming out. You were sitting in silence; suffering in that silence. You plucked a tissue from a tissue box and put it to your eyes. However, it only made it worse.

Tears began to loosely come out, seeing the tissue as its exit. You didn’t make any dramatic, gross sobs or anything like that. Salty water just came out of your eyes.

“You bloody wanker!” a certain British voice called out.
“What was that, ex-punk?” a French voice retorted.

“Aw no! Big Brother Francis is fighting with Arthur again!” Feliciano said, waving a small white flag.
“Arthur and Francis-san are very irritated again,” Kiku said in a soft voice, glancing at them as he was reading a Manhwa Im Yong Soo had lent to him.
“How ze hell did this all start?” huffed Ludwig, who was trying to peacefully eat his lunch.

It all started when Gilbert gave up his sighting on you.


Kiku had come back from Im Yong Soo, who had lent him a Manhwa. Kiku took great interest into it, since he wanted to see what Korean Manga was like.

As he was walking, he noticed the Bad Touch Trio sitting among the bushes. Kiku frowned slightly. What business would they have in the bushes?

He peered over to see Gilbert annoyed. “Ze awesome me cannot lose sight of her!”
Antonio, who was munching on a tomato, creased his eyebrows. “Who were we stalking again?”
Gilbert fished out of his pocket to pull out a school picture of you. All the guys looked closely at it and flushed.
“Ohonhonhon~ She is tres jolie!” Francis said. “She is worth the stalk~”

Kiku glanced more closely. He too, flushed a little bit. It was a picture of the Ice Queen.


“Uh, Ludwig?” Lili appeared shyly, breaking Kiku’s frashback. Kiku saw the shy figure of the Middle Schooler.

Ludwig looked up to see the adorable face of Lili, her short cropped hair with the ribbon her brother had given her.
“Vash says that you owe him money…” Ludwig then flushed, remembering that he still owed Lili’s big brother money from the bet. He searched his pocket.
“Here you go Lili.” Ludwig said, handing her money. Lili appeared surprised.
“But-but-that’s $140! Do you owe my brother a lot of money?” Lili said shocked. Ludwig turned his head embarrassed, remembering the debt he had with Vash.

Lili could see that Ludwig was still holding out the money, so she took it softly. She smiled and gave thanks. She then was then seen by Elizabeta and fussed over.

“Ah, Ludwig! Why’d you give adorable Lili such a big amount of money?” Feli said excitedly. Ludwig then looked away and tried avoiding Feli’s look by trying to take interest in Kiku’s Manhwa. He was met to see a picture of a manga-styled girl in the rain with a semi-sexy pose, her clothes transparent.

“Ki-k-ku!” Ludwig said, his face flushing. Kiku looked up and flushed immediately too. He was too absorbed in the Manhwa that he didn’t notice Ludwig look over. Kiku was about to stutter a reason when Gilbert appeared and grabbed Ludwig.

“Eh, West! Who do you think is going to win? I bet $50 on Francis!” Ludwig made a horrified face, forgetting about the Manhwa incident and remembering his loss with his previous bet.

Gilbert noticed his brother’s reluctance and smirked.

“Look! Arthur doesn’t stand a chance!” Ludwig looked at the fight, and then sighed. He fished out a few remaining bits of his pocket money and joined the ruckus of the bets, Italy looking confused for the whole situation.

Kiku, seeing Gilbert, went back to his Frashback time.


Kiku looked at the picture of the Ice Queen. He had caught a few glimpses of you, but he didn’t really know what you looked like up close. However, he had heard a few rumours and descriptions—and the picture just seemed to fit with the descriptions he heard.

“Wait Gil, where did you get that?” France said confused.
“Kesesesesesese~” Gilbert said, putting his hand to his chin and making a pose. “Ze awesome snuck into ze Office!”

The Office was on the top floor. Nobody could enter it unless you were a teacher, or the Principal. An exception was the Student President.

If you were a student and had something confiscated, it would go in the office. Private pictures and worthy blackmail material was known to hide there. The only way a student could get in by climbing the walls and reaching the window.

The risk was high since a teacher could easily glimpse you and you would be in huge trouble. Some people said that students who climbed in there were punished in horrible ways-such as cleaning all classrooms on the A Floor, Taking care of the toilets for a month, etc.-, or even worse-

Expulsion. It was that serious. The less serious punishment was suspension. Expulsion was rare, it would depend on what you were doing. Only 3 people had been expelled, but it ages ago.

Antonio widened his eyes. “Wow Gilbert, you really risked that?”
Gilbert replied nodding his head. “Ze awesome me can do anything!”
Francis gave a laugh. “I remember Arthur telling me that he could climb to the Office like a spy, but he never did it! That eyebrows bastard!”

“What was that, Frog Face?” said a British voice behind him.

The trio looked at saw the glaring face of Arthur Kirkland.


Kiku was then jolted out of his Frashback; but it was okay, it had already finished. He saw Alfred who had nudged him roughly by accident when weaving through the crowd, holding his tray full of hamburgers carefully.

Feli watched him go. “Veeee~! Look at all those hamburgers!”
Kiku paled. “How does he eat all of that?” he questioned. He suddenly lost his appetite.

Alfred was busy grabbing a hamburger from the lunch lady. He managed to get from them –coughbyannoyingthemcough- more hamburgers than the daily. He sat down with his brother Matthew and rattled along about hamburgers while Matthew sat there quietly, trying to listen to the ridiculous chatter Alfred was going on about.

Alfred was then going to take a bite out of his hamburger, but Matthew felt something strange. Matthew then looked at him. He widened his eyes as everything started to go in slow motion for some unknown reason.

“Urgh.” You said under your breath, drying away the last of your tears. You surprisingly tried to drown your sorrows in your lunch.

Sadly, you had finished it all, meaning you would have to go to the cafeteria. You noticed on the side of your desk the Cheerleader’s request for the gym-and others.

A pang of guilt stabbed your chest. You didn’t want to go and socialize but you felt bad if you didn’t speak to them face-to-face. You felt a little bit nervous. You haven’t cracked a smile in years. You couldn’t really.

You looked at the ceiling, slinking onto the floor. You remember when you came here. You were plain and boring. You wanted to conceal yourself from your past. You couldn’t take it anymore at that time.

You felt your heart twist as you went further down the road. You stopped thinking about your memories. You sighed and tucked your knees together, burying your face in them.

‘What were you doing?’
‘Why are you acting depressed and not in a classroom?’
‘You don’t deserve this!’
Your eyes snapped open and you breathed heavily. Your conscience was getting the better of you. You shook your head.

‘I have to put up with it. I don’t have any choice.’ You thought. You turned your head to a machine in the corner of the walls.

You noticed the security camera looking at you. Pondering, you decided to get some footage of yourself, since you didn’t feel like going anywhere and wanted to observe yourself.

After dismantling the camera, you looked at yourself. You saw yourself slink to the floor with a blank expression. Throughout all the footage of yourself, you had a blank expression-almost dead.

You were really an Ice Queen.

You realized that [FEMALE TEACHER NAME] was right. You needed to socialize more. But the thought of your dad and your past made you shiver.

You saw your blazer hang on the end of the chair. You had finished all your work, but you decided to play it safe and left a note for the Principal. You slipped the blazer on and fixed your hair, walking down to the cafeteria.

You quietly slipped into the cafeteria, approaching the lunch lady. Nobody really noticed you because they were all focused on something else. As you were getting some food, you turned your attention to the brawl. Your eyes semi-widened as you saw Arthur Kirkland grab something.

Matthew saw a certain hand grab the tray Alfred was eating on. The tray lifted up and smacked the hamburger out of Alfred’s hands and mouth, shocking Matthew. Alfred’s face turned into shock, his glasses also being knocked off.

It was all happening in slow motion, by the way.

Arthur was holding the tray with a lot of junk on it and threw it at Francis. Matthew’s eyes could have not gotten any bigger as he saw what happened next.

“Take this, perverted bastard!” Arthur said, grabbing Alfred’s tray –without knowing- it and aiming it at Francis. Arthur’s face lit up in glee as the food made its way to dirty Francis’s clothing.

Francis’s mouth made the shape of an ‘o’, and he braced for impact. But he felt something else.

It was like a breeze, coming swiftly in front of him.

You rushed in front of Francis just in time.

Food splattered all over your uniform, making gasps echo through the cafeteria.

You knew numerous reasons for that.

1- You just got in-between a fight of Arthur and Francis
2- You got food on you
3- You got ALFRED’S food on you

The list could go on. You blinked, seeing Arthur’s shocked face. Nobody could exactly recognize you because of the food all over you.

The Principal came rushing in. He fumed as he recognized you with food all over you. Student’s murmurs and gasps became louder.

“KIRKLAND! BONNEFOY! OFFICE, NOW!” He roared, clearly annoyed that you, who was like a daughter to him, had gotten into a mess.

Arthur muttered with Francis. He didn’t even know who you were, and felt angry and guilty at the same time.

Francis was even more worried. Not many students were asked to go to the office. Antonio and Gilbert accompanied him, and Feli tagged along.

They were known as the ‘witnesses’. Kiku had joined them too, sighing as he put the Manhwa away. Ludwig also had to come since he was placing bets with his brother.

You quickly walked to the nurse’s office, avoiding stares as mustard dripped off your hair. You changed as fast as you could into the fresh uniform. You started running up the stairs to get to the office. As the ‘victim’ of the situation, you had to attend the meeting. You then remembered the students wouldn’t be able to get through the corridor without the key.

You cursed in your brain silently, changing direction to the corridor.

Kiku noticed they were at the corridor leading to the Office. However, it was locked.

“Uh, the corridor door is closed.” Kiku noted. Gilbert tried opening it and cursed.
“Zis is just great! Now we’ll get in huge trouble for being late.” He said out loud, the rest of the boys groaning.
“I apologize for being late.” Said a feminine voice behind them.

You had approached them silently, key in hand. You noticed them turning around to get a better view of you. You kept your poker face and made a small hand gesture for them to move.

“Ah, no way! You’re the School Pres-” Gilbert said excitedly, Francis among him.
“Please move.” You replied, cutting him off.

Gilbert blinked a few times, surprised at your cold personality. You tilted your head slightly, meaning that you wanted him to move. Gilbert flushed and moved out of the way.

Arthur noticed that there was a little bit of mustard in your hair. He then realized that you were the victim.

The Student President was the victim.

Oh God.

Arthur had to keep himself from screaming out loud in frustration. He was going to be in so much trouble. He thought of what was going to happen. He would be in so much trouble when he got home. He tried cracking a smile.

“Um, I’m sorr--” Arthur began.
“Save it for the meeting.” You replied, as usual-cutting them off.

Arthur’s heart sank into the depths of hell. He was so doomed.

Silence hung heavy in the group. You didn’t know what to say. You were pushing yourself on the inside to say something nice. But nothing appeared. It was blank.

You felt like crying. You didn’t want to be like this. However, you knowing that several boys were behind you stopped you from breaking out into tears.

“Ah, Ma Cherie, thank--” Francis began.
“It’s [NAME].” you said in a monotone voice. You cursed yourself for cutting him off.

Francis gulped. You were not an easy person to charm, were you?

“Ah, bell- I mean [NAME], why don’t we see you often?” Feli said, trying to break the ice with his happy tone.

You stopped in your walking, surprising the other boys. You turned your head to face Feli.

“We’re here.” You said flatly. The boys let a small chorus of ‘Ohs’.

Francis and Arthur gulped as you opened the door, to reveal the face of an annoyed Principal.
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